1981 Phasing Out Capitalism cassette (No Wonder)
1982 Rough, Raw and Ranting EP with Seething Wells (Radical Wallpaper)
Cocktails EP (Cherry Red)
1983 Ranting at the Nation LP (Cherry Red )
1984 Sawdust and Empire LP (Anagram)
Radio Rap! EP (Cherry Red)
Livingstone Rap! EP (Cherry Red Ken)
1987 Libyan Students from Hell! LP (Plastic Head)
1988 Scornflakes LP/cassette (Probe Plus)
1990 (Canada) Live at the Rivoli LP/cassette (Festival)
1991 Donkey's Years CD/LP/cassette (Musidisc)
1992 (Germany)This Is Free Europe CD/LP (Terz)
1993 (Australia) 668-Neighbour of the Beast CD/cassette (Larrikin)
(Germany) Live auf St.Pauli CD (Terz)
Attila the Stockbroker's Greatest Hits cassette (Roundhead)
1999 Poems Ancient & Modern CD (Roundhead/Mad Butcher)
1999 The Pen & The Sword CD (Roundhead/Mad Butcher)
2003 Live in Belfast (Roundhead)

1991 Cheryl - a Rock Opera (Strikeback)

(his new band, formed 1995)
1995 Barnstormer cassette (Roundhead Records)
(Germany) Sarajevo EP (Mad Butcher)
1996 The Siege of Shoreham CD/cass (Roundhead Records)
1998 Live in Hamburg cassette (Roundhead Records)
1999 (Germany) The Siege of Shoreham CD (Puffotter Platten) and LP (East Side Records)
2000 Just One Life (Roundhead Records)
2004 Zero Tolerance (Roundhead Records)
2004 Baghdad Ska - split single with Bomb Factory (Repeat Records)
2005 Tom Hark (We Want Falmer) EP - Reached number 17 in the UK Top 40 on 9th January 2005

Selected compilation albums:
'A Bang & A Wimpy' on 'Pillows & Prayers' (Cherry Red) which has sold well in excess of 100,000 copies to date
'Russians in the DHSS' on 'Burning Ambitions - a History of Punk (Cherry Red)
'This Is Free Europe' has appeared on many European anti-fascist compilations
'Washington Bullets' on the Clash tribute album.
'A Never Ending Story'..there have been many more.
As well as writing his own compositions Attila has guested as a fiddle player on many albums in the last fifteen years.

Cautionary Tales for Dead Commuters (1986)
Scornflakes (1992)
The Rat-Tailed Maggot and Other Poems (1998)
Goldstone Ghosts (2001)